About Pastor Russell


I was raised in Miami, the oddest city in the world.  It’s diverse, it’s trendy, it’s vibrant, it’s crowded, it’s a swamp, it’s a mess and it’s my home.   I have never lived in a cold climate.  I was an adult before I saw leaves that had actually changed color.

I am a husband, a dad, a brother and a friend.  My wife Beth and I have been married since 1992.  She’s awesome!  She has been by my side through thick and thin.  And she gets me: my odd sense of humor, my thought process and my idiosyncrasies (which are many).  We have two boys, Dylan and Quinn.  They are musicians and men of God.  We have one mellow dog Chloe, a Goldendoodle. 

I am a martial artist, P90X junkie and cyclist (single speed bikes are my favorites).  I am obsessed with diet and fitness.  My musical tastes range from classical to metalcore. 

I think a proper comedic education is vital and a Master's level familiarity with the Princess Bride is a great commodity.

The road that led me to the ministry surprised even me.  I am a Jewish lawyer and a double Gator (B.A. and J.D.)(Go Gators!).  I graduated from the Reformed Theological Seminary (M.Div.).

I love Jesus.  I love that He saved me.  I love the life that He has given me.  I love the Gospel.  God's power to save all who believe.  I'm here to tell everyone who will listen.

I am blessed (and, quite frankly, surprised) to have been called by God to pastor Hammock Street Church.

I'd love for you to join us so we can be a part of your life.