Dinner groups are a great way to get to know each other.  Groups of 6 to 8 people will gather once a month for four months - starting in March and ending in June.  The first meal is organized by the Group Leader. When to meet after that is up to each group. Group members take turns hosting dinners in their homes. The host provides the main dish and coordinates with the other members who provide sides and dessert.  Whether you want to form your own group or be assigned to a group,  sign up in the lobby or online by clicking here.


How do I become part of a group?
Dinner Groups will give you the opportunity to meet new people and get to know each other on a deeper level.  If there is an individual or a couple who you would like to get to know better, you can form your own group.  When you sign up, just let us know.  Otherwise, we'll pick a group for you.

Will there be separate groups for singles and couples?
No, groups will be mixed. We encourage people no matter where they are in life to take part.

Can my children participate?
Each group is different. Some groups will welcome children, others will be adults only. You will indicate your preference when you register.

What if I have food or pet allergies?
You are asked to indicate any special needs on the registration form so that your Group Leader can be sensitive to your situation.

What if I am unable to have the group in my home?
If for some reason you are unable to host the group in your home, don't fret, just let us know in the comments.  We will let your group leader know and the group will come up with a solution.

What does the Group Leader do?
It is fun and easy to be a Group Leader.  All you commit to is opening up your home for the first dinner and contacting your group to arrange it.  Times and places for future dinners will be determined at the first meeting.  We recommend that you make dinner a potluck so that it easy for everyone.